Asian Breast Cancer Support Group Meeting in Machester

Breast Cancer incidence rates have increased in Asian women in the UK mirroring the increased incidence rates in the Indian subcontinent. Hence, there is an overwhelming need to have a dedicated group to look at various aspects of Asian Breast Cancer as outlined in the objectives below. This group will require active partnership between health professionals and Asian breast cancer patients, their carers and interested lay public members.

If you are interested in attending the event please fill in the form and send it back to me, the event is free of charge.

Lunch will be served.

Date & Time: 29th April 2016 1-5pm

Venue: The Nightingale Centre and Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Centre

             Southmoor Road, Manchester 
             M23 9LT

Please see attached registration form for our next Asian Breast Cancer support group meeting at the bottom the page

Our main aims and objectives are:

  1. Support: Asian breast cancer patients have unique cultural and linguistic needs.  The Group provides a valuable forum for patient and carer group members to interact and share their experiences with each other. In due course of time they can provide support to newly diagnosed patients as well as survivors of breast cancer.

Partnership working between health professionals and patients/carers on the objectives below:

  1. Information:  to consider what information is available at various steps of patient journey; whether it needs updating; translation into common Asian languages depending on the patients we serve; help develop written, audio and video materials.
  2. Communication:  to support health professionals in communicating effectively with this group of patients eg is it meeting their needs, how we can improve it, role of interpreters and health professionals, giving patients more effective choice.
  3. Promote Breast Awareness: Help develop effective programme to raise breast awareness in Asian women.
  4. Promote Research and participation in clinical trials: Give their input to various research projects and represent interest of Asian patients, help increase participation of these patients in various research trials.

We would very much like to hear from you if you have any questions and would very much hope that you will actively participate in the above group. For further information please contact     Professor Anil Jain, Consultant Radiologist at the Nightingale Centre and Genesis Prevention Centre, Manchester M23 9LT.  Email address:

Asian Breast Cancer @BME_CANCER