We are delighted to be able to invite you to a 2-day meeting that has been tailored specifically to help healthcare professionals in the UK striving to deliver the best possible care for south Asia


SAHF Scotland would like you to have the opportunity to attend the following event -


SAHF Scotland delivered another successful education session outside of Glasgow for the first time, in a town called Motherwell.


SAHF Diabetes Awareness Event held at the Shree Ram Mandir, Walsall. Dr Kiran Patel spoke to many people about how they could improve their health through healthy eating and exercise. 


Dr Kiran Patel and Dr Paramjit Gill were interviewed by Sangat TV regarding the presentation of their report at the House of Lords.


On the evening of 6th May Professor Wasim Hanif, Dr Kiran Patel, Dr Paramjit Gill and Dr Mahendra Patel attended the BMJ awards ceremony in London and picked up the coveted award for Diabetes team


SAHF seeks to appoint an administrator and senior manager to commence as soon as possible for a terms of 2 years.


SAHF has presented a report to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt that shows we are at a tipping point in South Asian diabetes education.


The SAHF new website is currently being built and will be launching in September 2014.