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The Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded annually at the SAHF Annual Diabetes Conference.


This is a call for abstracts for the Annual Conference of the South Asian Health Foundation. Call for abstracts on any aspects of diabetes with a focus on the following themes will be considered.


South Asian Health Foundation are delighted to congratulate Professor Vinod Patel on his appointment to Professor of Diabetes and Clinical Skills at the University of Warwick.


South Asian Health Foundation are delighted to congratulate Professor Paramjit Gill on his appointment to Professor of General Practice at the University of Warwick.


Researchers at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham are appealing for members of the local Muslim community to take part in a study on the effects different medications have on people with Type 2 di


Dr Kiran Patel took part in the Birmingham Half Marathon on Sunday 15th October, completed in a remarkable 2 hours and 6 minutes and raised over


Breast Cancer incidence rates have increased in Asian women in the UK mirroring the increased incidence rates in the Indian subcontinent.


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South Asians urged to call 999 if they spot signs of stroke to prevent death or permanent disability


South Asian Health Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award 2015